Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions: Residential and Commercial Closings

When purchasing and selling residential or commercial real estate having attorney representation is invaluable.  Our attorneys have over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry. The Firm works exclusively with our affiliated Title Agency, Pinnacle Title Group, LLC, to deliver unparalleled service.       

Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation involves a wide array of issues covering: Contracts to Purchase, Commission Disputes, Condominium Associations, Leases, Ejectment, Partition, Quiet Title, Real Estate Fraud and Negligence and Foreclosure. Our Firm is experienced in all of these matters.  If you have a dispute involving Real Estate, it is imperative you retain a law firm with the right expertise to enforce your rights.      

Company Formation and Structure

Creating the right company is a critical decision.  Getting the greatest benefit from a company structure requires the expertise of an Attorney.  Whether it is an LLC, Corporation or Partnership, Our Firm will guide you to choose the right structure for your real estate venture.  

Landlord - Tenant

Whether you are a Landlord with a problem Tenant or a Tenant with a problem Landlord, the law gives you rights. Landlord and Tenant law is not just about evictions. Our team of experienced professionals can deal with any problems that may arise out of your residential or commercial lease.

Lease Negotiation

Do you know what's in your lease?  Did you have an attorney review it before you signed it?  If you did not, you are putting yourself at risk, regardless of whether you are a landlord or a tenant.  Get the terms your need and hire Our Firm for Lease Negotiation.

Loan Documents

Our Firm has extensive experience providing lender and borrower representation in loan transactions.  Properly drafted loan documents ensure that all parties to a loan transaction have clearly defined rights and obligations.